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Monthly Archives: April 2010

So I have been using Ctrl+D (Transform Again) in illustrator for many year now and love to be able to quickly copy and repeat. I had throught that it was not posible in photoshop due to its pixel nature but today I found this on

It talks about step and repeat which sounded like what I was after. So it turns out there is a transform again in photoshop and it is:-

Shift-Command-T (Mac) or Shift-Control-T (Windows)

For more info check out the link to planetphotoshop.


So I the other month I decided to start using dropbox. The problem was I like to save to my hard drive but then need to files in the office so have to save to USB key, and sure as day and night I frequenty forget either the USB key or to save the newest versions to the key.

If you dont know dropbox then click the link bellow and watch the video.

dropbox video

Why you should use it:-

1) Its free for 2Gb basic package

2) It uses less then 50Mb of RAM, most cases less then 30Mb (thats a good thing)

3) It does not use much CPU time (also a good thing)

4) It seems to upload and download quickly (will depend on your bandwith)

5) You can share files with others up-to 1Gb file size I think (bets email or sending CDs)

6) No messing around it works smoothly in the background

What you need to do:-

1) Use this link sign up to drop box and get extra free storage.

2) Enter your email, and name

3) Download a small program (12.9Mb) to your computer

4) Save your files to the dropbox folder (which works like any normal folder)

5) Thats it! or you have to download the small program on each computer you use but that really is it. Does not take more then 3 or 4 minutes to get started.


So yesterday I was working on an iphone UI design and got desk dropped by the boss and a developer. They proceeded to fire changes at me which I tried to make real time. Now this involved selection multiple layers and shifting them around. I have to say that the workflow felt all wrong at that moment and I wished I was using fireworks or illustrator so I could select and move quickly without having to use the layers pallet.


Now I was aware the move tool had an auto-select option but I have not really used it as much as I should but from now on I will. To make it even better from most other tools you and hold ctrl which will give you move tool. But also you can hold shift which allows you to select multi objects in the document window.

shift + ctrl + click objects in document window.

You need to have the auto-select option ticked and the layer or group selected in the drop down.

There is also the option to Show Bounding Box, which means you can see what is selected. You will need to select the move tool to see these option.

Well hope this helps, I know next time I get desk dropped I will be able to move multiple items briskly without having to use the layer pallet which remain the only pallet I have open 24/7. Maybe one day I will work pallet less!

For further reading have a look here.