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I have been frustrated as of late, it comes down to the price of cheep ‘Twisted nematic’ (TN) flat panel monitors. Because of the low price and acceptable quality for 90% of users these TN monitors have become the standard.

But for designers, digital artists and webmasters, we require a higher level of colour accuracy on our panels. The problems has always been the price tag that meant that many home users and small offices were priced out of the better quality panels.

Good news is the Dell has now launched two ‘In-plane switching’ (ISP) panels at consumer prices. ISP panels give a high higher level of colour accuracy and consistency across the panel so no more moving your head to try and work out what the colour should look like.

Enter the Dell UltraSharp U2211H (21.5-inch) and UltraSharp U2311H (23-inch) both panels offer:-

H-IPS Panel
10000:1 Contrast Ratio
8ms Response Time
one DVI-D
one DisplayPort
one VGA connectors
a 4-port USB hub
resolution of 1920×1050

They are priced on the Dell website as U2211H – £292 ($279), U2311H – £351 ($319).

Look out for other manufactures following with their own consumer priced ISP panels over the coming months, watch the space.


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