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So I have not posted for a while, but the last week I have been reading up on ‘Thorium Energy’ and it has me thinking; why o why have we not got this technology. Because we should!!

Thorium energy is a little like nuclear but nothing like nuclear at the same time. Its clean leaving only 1% waste compared to 99% for uranium, its safe no melt downs, it could be cheap once its been delevloped, its green(ish) more so than coal and oil that for sure, its sustainable(ish), it’s abundant, its a high-Density source (½ Oz. Thorium could run 1 American’s life for 1 decade), unlike solar, wind, wave/tide, geothermal which are all Low-density (my analigery:- think of trying to heat a room with computers, you could but would need 20 or 30 computer all running at the same time, low-density! Thorium would be the small but powerfull heater in this analigery). Thorium can provide the HUGE qualnties of energy the world needs which solar and wind just cant do without taking over vast areas of land which is something we dont have. BUT it needs to be developed which mean time and money.

A little history of the technology:- Orginally back in 40’s/50’s when nuclear technology was first developed Thorium was one option along side Uranium but it was shelved as Thorium could not be used to make weaponry as Uranium and Plutonium can. To watch a short video about Thorium energy on go here.


I should add this technology does work, from the ’50s through the early ’70s a US scientist called Alvin Weinberg tested the technology at Oak Ridge, USA, and made a working prototype. So why has this technology not been developed? Poloatics and cold war with USSR lead to uranium-fueled reactor. Why has the technolgy still to this day not been developed? I can only think the Oil and nuclear industrys and politisions have had a good ride making stupendous piles of money and they don’t want it to rock the boat. I could try make out a conspiracy theory but I wont all I will say is if the goverment wont spend and the oil/nuclear companies wont spend how will this techology get developed? Why its simple China or India will develope it and sell it to us for a large price (if they sell it). But there is another option the people could stand up and say no, we want this technolgy we need this techolgy! This has already started in an open source kind of way (power to the people). There are some good people out there working hard to promote this technology as every few people know about it at present. Here is a short list of some of these people I have read about the last few days (in no particular order).

Prof Robert Cywinski – Founder member of the Thorium Energy Amplifer Assoication (Thorea)

Kirk Sorensen – Ex Nasa scientist who runs the energyfromthorium blog which has a twitter and facebook page.

Baroness Worthington – Founder of which discusses climate change. The Baroness helps spread the word of the good ship Thorium in the house of lords and her twitter account.

These are just a few of the names that have poped out while reading about Thorium but there is also an alliance of scientist calling themselves thorium energy alliance.

If you worry about the carbon based society we are living in and wonder what will be left for our kids generation (because I do). Then you might ask yourself what can I do to help I am not a scientist, well that is the question I have asked myself since finding out about Thorium energy and the Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) and the best answer is to read up and then spread the word. ‘Like’ the energyformthorium facebook page, tell your friends about it. If you hold a position in the education system promote adding Thorium to school and university courses which do not discuss the topic, we will need a generation of scientist the understand the technology. If you have a blog site that gets lots of hits or some other way to get the word out. Or if you have money you might consider contacting one of the persons above to see if they need funding, I have not doubt that money will be one of the main issues holding back this technology.  


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